The interwar period seems likely
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03/30/2018, 10:18:49

Iím not a costume jewelry expert, so thatís a guess.

Also -from what Iíve read, there were still many Bakelite articles being made after WWII, with the steep decline (in favor of other plastics like Lucite) starting about 1960, when major phenolic resin factories began shutting down.

Thereís an assumption, which I believe is correct, that during the war, production of luxury goods like costume jewelry (and also trade beads of various kinds) in Europe either ceased or was reduced drastically. However I also think that once the war ended, there could have been a large spike in production due to pent-up demand, and the desire to start earning income as fast as possible. There may have been unused stock from pre-1940 that was put into post-1945 items.

Just some hypotheses on my part...

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