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There was a nice article about the Neigers in the Summer/Autumn 2017 issue of the newsletter of the BSGB. Unfortunately they do not have their newsletter on-line - but maybe you can contact them about getting a copy.

Additionally, they have an article online about Czech Egyptian revival beads:

Another resource is the book by Sibylle Jargstorf- Baubles, Buttons, and Beads (1993). There is a section on the Neigers and also examples of Czech Egyptian revival beads.

From what little info I have, it does not appear that the Neiger brothers were known for simple strands of molded glass beads - they were known for designing metal/glass pieces that were brooches, bracelets, rings, dress clips, earrings and components for necklaces - set with glass and sometimes synthetic cabuchons, especially the pressed-glass kind from Gablonz (Jablonec). However there are some examples of hand-knotted bead designs attributed to the Neigers.

I don't know how you could definitely prove your design was produced by the Neigers - but since I'll be in Jablonec in May I'll keep a lookout for sample cards of necklaces like yours that may provide a clue.

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