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03/06/2018, 17:34:07

My father came to visit us in 1997 and was showing off some of his collection of what he called "trade beads," chevron beads and other types. At the time, my husband and I collected netsuke and paperweights, Venetian and Scottish art glass. But these beads were art glass you could WEAR. It was intriguing. He showed us the Picard volume on chevron beads - such stunning photos of gorgeous glass beads!! A few months later we were in Paris on business and found these blue chevrons from a seller in a flea market area, near the big white church. We recognized them from what my dad had been showing/telling us about and we purchased them, thinking he would like them. But before we got them home, my husband and I had fallen in love with them and... two more bead collectors were born. The big cane cut chevrons were represented to us as "camel blanket weights," probably because someone had been reading this in one particular bead book at the time.

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