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Re: Mostly Ching Dynasty mother of pearl -with mainly high carat gold odd bits from everywhere. -- Frederick II Post Reply Edit Forum Where am I?
Posted by: Frederick II Post Reply
03/03/2018, 17:36:07

When laid flat on a table, you can better see the construction…

I like to collect bits and pieces, never really intending to put them together into a necklace. But. in the end, this seems to be the best form for showing together, and keeping together. Hopefully, in turn, another custodian will be able to keep this collection together.

While I would love to show it off, I would look eccentric wearing this necklace because I am a man…Lena Young on Facebook suggested I could try wearing it with Pakistani style Kurta pajamas in white linen. I may try this but where and when would I wear this? I am afraid I would look like the bride in a gay wedding. Or, like Johnny Weir is my role model...!

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