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Posted by: Art Post Reply
03/01/2018, 10:56:45

The deep shelf is about 19inches the middle one 13 and the short shelf around 6. Old age, dry rot and industrial circumstances have decreed that my chevron cane pulling days are behind me. But I have plenty of work to keep me busy for a long decade to make beads from the cane I have on hand. I continue to find caches of odd cane in boxes and buckets in dark corners of my work area here in Stagecoach and up at the ranch too. Now and then I am pleasantly surprised to find a piece of especially treasured cane lurking in some container. None of these pictures show the compound cane I pulled several years back. But it's in the room too awaiting my attention. Once this big grinding shop cleanup and rebuild is done I hope to get in the rhythm of making 5 or 10 beads a week in there. So many projects so little time!

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