My 1st attempt at creating a Liberty necklace......
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03/01/2018, 09:14:53

Hi All,

Since winters here in Colorado are slower for me with work I decided to get into a beading project. I have wanted to try a Liberty style necklace for awhile and gathered some supplies for this one. I started in on it last night and finished this morning. I found it very meditative putting this together. I had fun with it and can see myself trying another one soon!

The large egg shaped millefiori measures 31mm x 21mm. I found it 30 years ago in a Michigan antique shop for a whopping 5 bucks! Sometimes you get lucky in the search for good beads.


my_liberty_necklace1.JPG (113.1 KB)  my_liberty_necklace2.JPG (120.5 KB)  

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