Ah, yes, clearing the workspace.....
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02/28/2018, 06:03:07

Although I thrive in "creative mess", every so often I have to reorganize, re-sort, and re-label. Or I'd never be able to find ANYTHING.

I was just finishing up such a clean-up last night, when a stack of sectional bead boxes fell over and one dumped EVERYTHING on the floor of my studio. The loose beads that didn't fall out, spilled into neighboring sections.

I spent the next two hours sorting beads, one by one. Ostrich egg slices (two different sets), shipwrecked beads from Mali (three different sets), small white "snake" beads (two colors), three sets of white unfinished Venetian seed beads (NOS), and three sizes of clear Venetian seed beads (NOS).

It can be frustrating, until I get the right mind set. And then I actually find it very soothing. My "working meditation", if you will.
Er....need a hand? :^D

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