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02/15/2018, 13:39:11

I have nothing to say about the ..., hmmm..., unfortunate name....

The description mentioning "glaze" is a good indication that the seller does not understand the differences between glassworking and ceramics production—as is rampant among people who have not studied glass, but have some knowledge of ceramics.** But we all know that bead descriptions are usually inadequate or mistaken—or just made-up. JDA.

** The first time I EVER saw Chinese millefiori beads (at a shop in San Francisco, Chinatown, toward the late 1970s), I was bowled-over. They were placed two side-by-side at the top of decorative tassels (as for scroll weights, or the like). When I asked what the beads were, the store owner told me they were "ceramic"—which I could tell they were not. I bought several tassels, and hoped to see more of these beads. But it was years, well into the 1980s, that that happened. I was encouraged by the Sprague and Liu/Kan articles. JDA.

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