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02/13/2018, 08:49:47

I believe it is conceded that Boshan-style beads, made from Boshan elements (the millefiori murrine and other rods) were made elsewhere in China.

Hong Kong enters the picture because, in the early 1980s, considerable quantities of Boshan millefiori beads were sold from that location, that had been warehoused (in HK) for some years. Presumably from as early as the 1920s or '30s. For a few years these were quite a fad—and I knew people who went to Hong Kong specifically to find and buy those beads.

This was something different from what Sprague discussed (which was circumstantial). Soon after his field work at Boshan, Boshan millefiori beads were available for sale—because I bought them from Paddy Kan in 1987.


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