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02/12/2018, 12:50:57

I attached two of about ten popular Fired Bronze colors. Let me reiterate these are VERY popular , a metallic bronze look for less. Best sellers but we do get some complaints. Is that a 1/2 or 1% of what sold, something like that. They are great colors for the craft but not for a "fine" project. I would have a hard time calling this color collectible, painted, pearlized colors have flooded market due to affordability and improvement. The other type of finish that is usually examined is vacuum colors. Labrador, vitrail and the like. These also are very popular and would say from a "collectible" non-craft stand point avoid larger sizes that a fully coated. Half coated beads 8mm and under appear stable. Same technology: I have heard about complaints on Swarovski Rivoli beads , though few, its similar technology "foiled" back.

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