Had to keep this one.
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02/11/2018, 15:27:43

Slowly making more of my “lopactrian” series this bead is one I made about a year ago.

Description from the website:
It is not to often that I will give a name to something I make but I felt that this name fit this wonderful bead "RED EYE EXPRESS". The material in this bead is condor agate from Patagonia Argentina. The red in this bead is very close to true red and it stands out like the lighthouse on the hill near the coast.

This is the most technical bead I have ever made and the amount of hours in it would floor most people, they would wonder why I would spend so much time on one bead. My answer to this is look at the bead .......... Beautiful and unique is all I can say.

1.77 inches 44.9mm long .55 inch 14mm at largest diameter. Hole size 5mm

Suzi made this wonderful 16 strand kumihimo cord for the bead, the colors used really compliment the bead, it has my signature clasp. Hope you enjoy it.

All my best ................... Danny

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