2 single beads purchased in Tucson this year....
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02/10/2018, 09:52:27

Hi all,

I love large Venetian beads! I usually do not deny a bead because I could not comfortably wear it. Not that I don't like wearing beads, but I seem to be a specimen collector instead of needing to acquire full intact strands. Besides large strands of the beads I gravitate to almost always are too expensive for my budget.

1. Extra large 7 layer chevron 60mm x 40mm 113 grams.

2. Rare Venetian raised bump bead 48mm x 31mm.

Enjoy and I would appreciate seeing more larger Venetian beads that may be difficult to wear.


XXL_7_layer_chevron.JPG (96.0 KB)  xl_raised_bump_bead.JPG (97.8 KB)  

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