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02/07/2018, 10:00:46

Paddy Kan (Leekan Beads in NYC with partner Annie Lee) also went to Boshan, visited factories, and bought beads—and composed articles for Ornament with Robert Liu.

In 1987, when The History of Beads (1st edition) was released, I was in NYC with David Ebbinghouse, and Walt Seifried to attend the festivities, and shop at local companies. We went to Leekan—and I bought quite a few new Chinese millefiori beads—they being primarily yellow or black, with some remarkably large red beads (with very sparse millefiori).

I compared my new black beads with old (bought in Hong Kong) black beads—and they were identical, apart from the surface wear of the old beads. JDA.

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