Unusual jade green and yellow Chinese glass beads - 18th century? 19th? 20th?
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02/06/2018, 09:33:16

Old beads among those I purchased from Hands of the Hills 25 years ago.
I recollect Steve and Duangporn opining, based upon heirloom genealogies, that some of the bead strands that they collected could be around 200 years old.

The yellow beads seem definitely odd - the yellow verges on light chartreuse in many beads. They don't fluoresce under UV light, but do appear very bright in daylight.

The ends are ground smooth from wear, and the patina is soft matte.

Wound beads being so generic, it seems difficult to assign these beads an era based upon appearance.

Or am I mistaken about that? Is there something distinctive about these beads that matches dated samples, perhaps from the Philippines or Indonesia?

SAM_8529_-_Copy.JPG (234.8 KB)  SAM_8533_-_Copy.JPG (230.5 KB)  

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