African Amber? Trade beads
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Posted by: Robert B Post Reply
02/03/2018, 04:08:02


I need to identify these beads.
I did the following tests on them:
static.. rubbing it makes it static
hot needle.. goes inside but only a little (guesss it needs to stay hot)
Tried to burn it, doesn't burn. just becomes a bit rougher to touch.
Acetone test.. no change or color rub-off
shining a light behind it gives it a warm cherry color

It was sold to me as African amber and I did extensive research on it, such as it was mixed with soil (hence the darker color) and probably heated to make it darker. Also went into the history of trade beads..

This study period got me really interested in beads and I actually bought others and sold them already. A new business for me. The others were easier to identify and therefore I could sell them with the feeling that I sold quality.

Yet, I still have these ones.
I don't know how to definitely establish what they are.

Can someone help me.. maybe tell me how to do definite tests. Then I can find out what the value is as well.

I appreciate any help


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