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01/12/2018, 01:44:44

I bought these beads in the mid-to-late-1980s, when they were acquired from the Thai Hill Tribe area by a well-known importer (not Steve Dunning in this instance). It was the first time I ever saw old bright ruby-red Chinese glass beads.* The details of their manufacture (nice plump oblate shapes and flattened ends) lead me to conclude these were Boshan beads—and therefore not "Peking glass."

I don't understand the comment about Boshan factories being "destroyed during WWII" (?). Boshan bead factories persist into the 2000s, and were certainly operating in the '80s when Kan and Sprague (separately) documented this industry.

* This red glass is visually distinguishable from early-20th C. red "Peking glass" that was a more muted tone, and the glass more typically bubbly; and from the antique translucent copper-red beads of a dusky tone (published by Peter Francis).

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