Sounds generous to me!
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01/11/2018, 18:48:45

Nisheda and Stefany, I agree, and that's how my bead life works.

I find an incredibly good deal, or rescue a nice little necklace at a thrift shop. Sometimes I pay too much, but I know the person needs it, and I'm happy to help AND get beads! Beads help me make my artwork, earning me a (small) living. But I've also given away a lot of goodies, too, especially when I learn someone's hardships. I've also given stuff away to people I see doing good in the world, especially when it's a kind gesture that otherwise would go unnoticed.

On this forum, I've learned that each person loves their own unique stash. Some people go with the history, the culture, some with the color, material, construction.

I remember how amazed I was by Jamey Allen's experiments with polymer clay to replicate how some ancient glass beads were made, and then I go to a Tai Chi class or a flea market and there's Jamey, and OMG that's Joyce! and who knows who's next? :^)

In the space of a few minutes' reading time, I go from individuals I know to a world community. I've personally seen an individual reevaluate the strictures of their religion, and choose to make their world, and understanding of humanity, bigger and kinder, based on them meeting forum members in person.

I love that the humble bead embodies the whole (pre)hi(story) of the human race, and that beads comes in such wonderful sizes, shapes and colors, and come from all over the world. Hmmmm....ALSO like people! :^D

Of course, I say this based almost purely on the people who are part of this forum! Maybe you all skew the data, in a good way! :^D

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