Do you know if they made the beads themselves?
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01/11/2018, 09:03:36

Do you know if they made the beads themselves?... Or did they buy them from Czech (or other) makers? I suppose they made them since they were a glass company, but I have to wonder.

Rene Lalique began his career as a jeweler. He turned his main business toward glass making, but always continued designing jewelry as a sideline.

Thanks for the links. The photo of the green leaves originated there apparently, but I had found it using Google images.

Did anyone else see the Antiques Roadshow episode? I'm not sure if it was new or a re-run. The valuation was over $2,000 for the 20 opaline leaf beads with some chipping on original silk ribbon. One bead was signed.

I had a few red beads that are attributed to Lalique in my research. I wonder if I still own them... they are not in the 'red bead' box. They were a thrift store purchase over 30 years ago. Not until yesterday had I learned anything about them.

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