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01/10/2018, 12:29:36

Remember this website?

Blues, greens, yellow, pink seem to have been popular.

Red not so much. Perhaps the glass recipes at the time were still using copper?

And possibly another link of interest on 19th century Satsuma copper red glass:

The origin of the ruby color of Satsuma glass, a famous copper-ruby glass produced in Japan in the mid-19th century, has been examined by electron microprobe analysis (EPMA), X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS), and optical absorption spectroscopy analyses. CuK XAFS analysis reveals that the major component of copper in the ruby glass consists of Cu(I) ions in the glass structure. This species is distinct from Cu2O (cuprite), which we conclude is not responsible for the ruby color. Optical absorption spectra measured at 300 and 77 K clearly distinguishes the absorptions due to the colloidal particles of metallic copper and Cu2O. It is concluded that the trace amount of copper in the ruby glass, which is below the detection limit of the EPMA and XAFS techniques, exists as metallic copper particles of nanometer size and is responsible for the ruby-red appearance of the Satsuma glass.

Related link:
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