When is the best time to sell?..(The answer: "Too soon.")
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I started going to Beijing three times a year in 1999. At that time, many antique shops in Beijing were as you would have imagined them to be in the 1930's-'40's. The Panjiayuan, also known as "The Dirt Market" still had areas paved with dirt -and shops which looked like they would fall to pieces in a small earthquake. But when the Chinese started to campaign for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, they accelerated modernization, tearing down too many hutongs. Sanitation and heating may have improved; but extended families had to break apart because hutong architecture -not small apartments- supported communal living.

And, they built more high rise buildings than they had tenants affording them. Could the Chinese have predicted that they would continue to grow their economy? Now, Beijing bicyclists are forced to take the bus or buy a car. The smog is ghastly. The selection of antique beads may have improved but the prices are so high it is breathtaking. "Curio City" now has newly rich Chinese customers who want to show off their wealth and good taste. Meanwhile, 2008 also marked a downturn in the American economy. 2008 was no longer a good time for An American in Bejing.

There is built-in disappointment for nostalgic travelers. I've often imagined I would return to my favorite destinations one day, I now realize I am likely to become disappointed. For someone shopping for antique Chinese beads, I may as well stay home. Chinese collectors are paying more than I am. Even when I shop the local Antique Shows, I will probably be standing next to a newly middle class Chinese dealer who will pay more than I will pay.

The best antique Chinese beads seem to have more than tripled in value -with well off Chinese collectors standing in line to buy them back. They say: "You Americans may be missing a wonderful opportunity to profit if you don't start selling them back to the Chinese --before it is too late."

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