Black Chevrons ?
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Posted by: odan Post Reply
12/20/2017, 07:59:40

Happy Holidays to everyone @ BCN.
I've been cursing a ton of bead sites and ebay checking prices and
trying to figure out what I'm going to sell next at my store.
I've noticed that when it comes to Chevron beads, I only find the Blue,
green and odd color chevrons.
I looked at around 50 sites and it's pretty much the same story.....lot of seven layer chev's etc but no black chevrons.
It's like they don't exist.
Lots of yellow jackets and odd colors but I couldn't find any black ones.
are these colors hard to find or are they so collectable that no one
wants to sell them ?
These black chevrons have me stumped. What are your observations on

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