Some beads are "Fool's Gold"
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11/15/2017, 23:45:56

Your faded looking ones are badly scratched. And therefore their color is dull. Just wetting them or adding clear enamel (don't) would brighten them.

I feel that the dull ones are at least one hundred years older than the brightly colored ones and were better in quality; to me, there is a big difference in intricacy of patterns. I feel the shiny ones may be paying homage to the dull ones.

It is very unusual to see more than thirty together because only three groups of ten were used for the drops on the sides of each MCN=Mandarin Court Necklace. You show thirty scratched ones and seventy three shiny ones. Perhaps the bright ones were never intended for usage in a Qing Dynasty MCN…

In the following picture I see a clever simulation of a MCN -which has been cobbled together with a combination of old and new parts. During the past fifteen years, a visible industry on Beijing's Liulichang Daije was created for making MCN facsimiles. I believe the Chinese gentlemen who are putting them together are not misrepresenting the beads. These copies work their way into the market place. They appeal to the few greedy collectors who like to imagine they have fallen upon a bargain.

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