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10/28/2017, 20:04:27

Since most books provide "1869" or "1868" as the date of invention (some confusion resulting, perhaps, because there were parallel experiments in both the US and England), the date of "1856"—which pertains to earlier experiments, resulting in a different product—is too early.

My point is that when people read what you wrote and they look at their Celluloid beads, they will think, "my beads might be from 1856." However, it is much more likely that ANY Celluoid beads one may come across would have post-dated 1870. People tend to gravitate to "early" dates in time ranges, even when this is highly unlikely. You precipitated the same issue in your dating of cast phenolic plastics—unfortunately. My primary goal is always to provide a reasonable time for actual products that one may come across, as well as to present historical facts accurately.

Also, since Celluloid was essentially replaced the the safer cellulose-acetate, any such beads will be from even later in time, and will usually be misidentified as "Celluloid." I suppose this is an expected and forgivable error. of no great importance. either. JDA.

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