These remind me of beads made from recycled scrap plastic
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I would have to test one to be sure - or you can do a hot needle, hot water, or reamer test yourself - but they look like beads that are made in Morocco (and probably other N. African countries) by melting scrap plastic, adding a colored plastic to change the color, mixing in a small metal pan over an open flame, then forming beads by hand. The hand-forming gives each bead an individual shape and is reminiscent of the irregular shapes found in natural amber beads that were traded to Africa over 100 years ago.

The hole is made by piecing with a hot poker. If you can see the "finishing" on the holes, you may have an important clue. After beads are made like this, there is a flashing around the hole that has to be ground off. Here is a picture of some beads of mine that were made this way.

I also have beads that look like yours, with a more granular surface, and they appear to have been made with a light colored core material, covered with a very stinky, plastic-smelling (styrene actually) coating that also adds to the irregular appearance (second photo).

My best estimate is that these are fairly new, hand- made "ethnic style" beads from Africa.

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