Yes, "Chinetian" on top, but the lower ones......
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10/08/2017, 21:00:25

Hi Paige,

Here is a strand that Thomas brought from Tucson for me in 2009 - Chinese pseudo-Venetian cylinder trade-style beads, as purchased on raffia from a Chinese dealer. Still have mandrel dust on the ends and residue inside the perfs.

The lower box of beads are mostly likely Venetian, of mixed age...the beads in the upper left and right corners and at the bottom left corner that are sort of football shaped appear to be 3 sided. I remember beads shown by Paula, as she photographed in Tucson, in African village, of a large strand of these...and Phil bought some of them. I am struggling to remember what the consensus was on those beads!

chmil2017.jpg (129.6 KB)  

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