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10/07/2017, 20:57:22

We are currently at the airport in Yogyakarta, after an amazing week of watching beadmakers and a modern glass artist in Java.

With a mix of information from Max from the Beadbrothers, Willem (Dutch bead friend), Jamey, Facebook and lots of Google translate, I was able to visit 4 beadmaking workshops in Jombang, 4 beadmakers in Jember and an amazing glass artists in Yogyakarta. (we diverted our trip from Bali to Yogya due to possible flight disruptions with the vulcano. Did not want to risk being late to get to the Borneo conference.)

It was impressive, especially since I know what it takes to get a bead to work. Handmade torches, recycled glass, no kiln for annealing. And yet, they make some amazing beads! I brought some samples home. Not just finished beads, but also some rods they pulled and some intricate cane pieces.

I will post a full trip report later, and obviously it will be part of my new book. But for now, two images. One shows me having a go at the torch. Second shows Mr Idris Sugeng working on the end part of a bird cane.

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