large black coral beads
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Posted by: lindabd Post Reply
09/25/2017, 08:20:11

Good morning!
These beads are quite large. They graduate from 2.2cm to 2.8cm across. They all have 6 curved facets and an overall onion shape.
They appear to me to be some kind of horny black coral - but I have never seen black coral beads anywhere near this size, nor have I seen this shape in another material.
They are glossy and lustrous with random pockets some of which contain the nub of a branch, some of which are empty.
Has anyone seen their like before?
They are strung on a nylon cord with raw looking amber chips between.

IMG_7593_copy.JPG (150.1 KB)  IMG_7596_copy.JPG (175.9 KB)  

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