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The market seems to be soft now for collectible beads other than the materials Jan mentioned. Searching ebay daily for key word searches of your choosing, and selecting the newest listed, will help you keep an eye on things. The BCN classifieds page is a great place to go for reliable sellers. And you can contact any one of the people posting there or here on the discussion board privately simply by clicking on "private". (Reminder for everyone to log in to check for your private messages every day or so)...Every now and then I delete items that have been on the classifieds that have been up for over a month. And occasionally I delete links to ebay lists and etsy lists hoping that folks will post a fresh listing. The classifieds are a very under-utilized feature of our forum that I always wished would have taken off. I've had success buying and selling there; others have had too.

And as others have pointed out, keep searching! When you come upon a basket full of baggies of beads and odds and ends at an antique fair, look at every one. All the way to the bottom. When you encounter a display case full, look at every shelf. Even start with the bottom, shelf! No stone unturned.

Example: at a flea market last month, I stopped at a rather sparce table. From a distance it didn't look very promising. But there were a few lonely baggies on that table...I bought a 5.00 baggie. In it were...
1) a strand of Native American traded (the type commonly found in N. Ca)
Venetian glass white beads and green heart beads, 4-5mm, 23 inches.
These are seen at Native American shows for 50.00 or so per strand
2) A Mexican low-grade silver bracelet - comparable seen for 60.00 on
Etsy recently
3) A pair of earrings with 6 Mexican horse milagros (Milagros can be
bought in bead stores for 2.00 per piece
Not that I will seek the same prices on what I list above for any of those items, but I feel it was a very well-spent 5.00! The NA traded Venetians will stay in my pile! And it was fun. The seller even knew what she had, was pleased that I knew what I had found, and she was just thinning out. I was grateful for the score and will try not to wonder what was in her pile at the beginning of the morning! :)

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