Try to average buying only one bead per month! (Although, I'll bet you can't do it.)
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Personally, I would try to concentrate on identifying the best. By extreme example, prepare to pay two hundred per bead, instead of one dollar each for two hundred ordinary beads!

For self confidence, most of us must experience lesser beads first. Or, we may simply enjoy working with strands of cheap beads for necklace designs.

But if you find you require pinnacles of artistry and fine craftsmanship in beads, hunt for auctions or advanced collectors who may be willing to part with good examples.

With patience and persistence, you can find collectible beads in street markets. But if you want the top, you may need to save your money to deal at the top.

When I go to outdoor markets in search of pinnacles, I become so bored that I find myself buying things simply because they seem to be a good price. Eventually disillusioned; I wish I could get half of my money back. If you buy the best, you will probably be able to recover at least half of your money much more easily. If you have good taste, you may even be able to profit. And, I have known wealthy dealers with bad taste who eventually acquired good taste through reward conditioning.

Above all, the process needs to be fun. Otherwise, don't do it.

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