Wild Beads of Africa
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09/08/2017, 15:55:25

The new book by Billy Steinberg Wild Beads of Africa, which will be released on September 25, 2017, is a splendid and artistic masterpiece with breathtaking photography, accompanied by Jamey Allenís informative text, captions, and glossary. For the first time we see an entire book dedicated to 19th century, African-made powderglass beads. Billy's superb and unmatched collection is presented in a way that makes the reader want to keep turning the pages, while still lingering on the same page. The impressive presentation brings the beads to life with all their glorious detail. This is a major contribution to the bead world and a "must" for every bead enthusiast.

216 pages | 180 full-color plates | Hardcover
US $65 plus shipping

ON SALE 9/25/17
Reserve a copy now by sending your name and contact information to wildbeadsofafrica@gmail.com

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