the all elusive Man-in-the-Moon beads
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08/07/2017, 16:58:30

The "Man-in-the-Moon" beads are as rare as "Hen's teeth", typically found on French contact sites and Middle Historic Period sites (1650-1760) in North America.....examples have been found in Mali, Mauritania and Turkey, there are probably less than 200 of these bead types documented. Colors include, blue, black, amber, red and colorless with a possibility of others that I am unaware of....I am always in search of examples of these beads (hint, hint)....quite possibly a product of the glass works in the Fichtelgebirge region of Bavaria (THE FICHTELGEBIRGE BEAD AND BUTTON INDUSTRY OF BAVARIA
Karlis Karklins, Sibylle Jargstorf, Gerhard Zeh, and Laure Dussubieux)


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