Wax under lacquer?
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07/30/2017, 23:53:00

Rosanna -

The Japanese videos show a sequence of 57 (!) videos of the process for making a rice bowl, demonstrating how the thin wood base of the bowl is covered with a succession of base coats of lacquer, fine linen cloth attached with a mix of lacquer & rice glue, then a succession of layers of lacquer mixed with powdery sawdust, fine clay, with sanding between layers, until the final black and red layers are applied.



So I wonder if the Chinese workshop that made these beads, presumably under stressful economic conditions the times being what they were, might have resorted to some economical sort of wax+ sawdust mixture for the base layer covering the wooden bead, with a few layers of actual red lacquer atop that? Could that account for the way the material seems to melt from the inside out? They overdid the wax?

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