Many YouTube videos, such as these [fushimi urushi kobo - fushimiurushikobo]
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07/29/2017, 19:29:36

Mixing actual mercury vermilion into lacquer:
(notice how it results in a paste that must be kneaded, then liquid lacquer is added in two more steps until a sort of thick syrup is achieved)

Here the urushi is mixed with a rice flour pudding:

(And I love how he uses his little bamboo scraper to clean his bowls and spatula and not waste a drop)

The first few minutes are of interest the way it shows how the lacquer sap is mixed with colorant and - something liquid? What?

There seem to be about 50-60 videos in this series. I recommend using the scroll button liberally, lest you find yourself gazing at a screen for ten minutes watching someone stir something. Skip to the action parts. [Unless, of course, you're baked and watching paint dry is just a fine way to chill as you work your way through a bag of cheetos]

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