Chinese Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Beads 70s-80s?
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07/16/2017, 13:27:39

Various necklaces, the center one with the cloisonne beads showing nicer layered lacquer and two beads (the brighter red pair just left of center) that are more similar to the other beads pictured.

It's difficult to discern the layers on these brighter, drier-looking beads - almost as if the lacquer is some sort of thick chalky dip.

The beads in the lower center strand (the one with the silver filigree bead) also show an odd characteristic - they are mostly only shiny around their middles, as if a layer of wax? were applied and buffed. It's possible to see the difference between the final thin wax? layer and where it overlaps a bit on the end caps. The final layer seems tough enough - couldn't scrape it with my fingernail - but I didn't go poking any needles into it.

The oval beads on the lower strand are painted in the manner of ancient red and black lacquer - whether with paint or with actual lacquer, I don't know. The red figures seem to be applied with a stamp, not a brush. The cores are wood.

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