Chinese Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Beads 1970s
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The 3 large shou-pattern beads show two 1970s beads on the left, strung with fancy knotting and enameled end caps (one I took apart). You can also see a tiny carving error in the one on the left, where the knife slipped and a line is shortened.

Oddly, I'm uncertain whether the lines displayed on the edges of the carving in the first bead are layers of lacquer, or artifacts of a toothed carving tool. The layers on the second bead are apparent; it also seems to be better carved and with a shiny lacquer surface instead of the dry surface of the first bead. What seems to be a difference in the type of lacquer applied - shiny vs dry - also shows up in the necklace beads in the next photos.

The beads on the right are molded waxy something - you can see where the mold line around the edge has been smoothed away.

The guri carved lacquer bead shows the multiple alternating layers of red and black.

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