7 serious bids... aloeswood also known as agarwood
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07/14/2017, 08:08:37

7 of the 12 bids were serious figures. Seems legitimate. I agree with you, why would this be so desirable? Seller is in the USA.

"Chinese aloeswood/chenxiang wood rosary bracelet, cleans out a local antique dealer/estate jeweler's storage bins and drawers. The rosary is formed with fourteen aloeswood beads, two amber beads and two cloisonne beads, one end with a large wood bead (which I don't know what it is) and amethyst double gourd form bead."

Perhaps this is the reason? "First-grade agarwood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world":

Is it real? Is it fake? Seven different bidders seem to believe.

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