I wish I could see the difference. Teach us.
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07/14/2017, 07:26:18

What are some details I should look for? I'm not seeing the difference.

I would like to know. I have cinnabar. I've rejected some that was obviously plastic or cheap. But among my modest collection, I would like to know the differences. It includes a box I bought at a swap from a Chinese man for $15. A lady in another booth frowned and insulted it. That's 2 strikes against it I suppose.

I also have beads and pendants. They used to show up in thrift stores frequently, following color trends. I bought necklaces for $3 to $7.

I sold one necklace with two-tone cinnabar beads. They were golden yellow on the outside, with red showing deep in the carving. I should have priced it higher, it sold in less than 5 minutes. Oops, should have kept that one.

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