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Re: What are the pros and cons concerning correcting bead sellers when they present mistaken offers? -- Frederick II Post Reply Edit Forum Where am I?
Posted by: paigar Post Reply
07/12/2017, 14:05:33

When I come across a listing that is wrong I often tell the seller that their pretty necklace or bracelet is made up of glass beads from India/Java/China/Czechoslovakia. But I also educate them by providing examples of other correct auctions that are running. This way the sellers LEARN from their mistakes and feel good about it. Simply admonishing a seller for their mistakes puts them on the defensive and they learn nothing from the exchange. Additionally, many sellers are selling thrift store finds or estate pieces and have no real clue as to what they have. Gauging from listings on eBay an amateur seller/buyer would conclude that almost all of the glass beads/jewelry in the world are made in Venice! So far 90% of the time I get a thank you and they either change the listing or remove it. The con side is getting blocked from ever purchasing from the seller again.

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