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There are two varieties, one with brown background enamel, the other in black. The patterns repeat, as if someone sat down to make a couple dozen beads one day and repeated the designs to minimize brain effort. But why? For whom? To use for what? When?

Is this a belt, or some sort of cincture? Why bother to knot between the beads if they were just strung to keep them together before use in something else? Red silk inro cord isn't cheap. [next question? Silk, nylon, or polyester? I've not yet checked. Guess it's time to get out the stainless spoon and a lighter and roast a few threads....]

Fredric Schneider, in his book The Art of Japanese Cloisonne Enamel, mentions this:

An early twentieth century Ando Japanese-language flyer, circa 1904, advertised rings, bracelets, hairpins, hair ornaments, combs, hatpins, cuff links, buttons, buckles, pins, and beads, made to the customer's design, so there must have been demand in the domestic market and/or from retailers for resale to foreigners, although few such pieces marked Ando survive."

And a footnote has this interesting tidbit:

"Ando advertising flier circa 1904, private collection, Kyoto. In 1895, Ando planned to exhibit enameled rings, ojime, match cases, obidome, watch and other chains and pins, but ultimately did not show them. Ogawa, Meiji-ki, 14.

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