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Posted by: Frederick II Post Reply
07/06/2017, 10:41:13

Dear Chris,

There are reoccurring examples which suggest collaboration between Chinese craftspersons and Japanese ojime makers. -More often in glass. Perhaps this is one of those collaborations but in Cloisonne this time.

The quality of the aperture is sufficient evidence that this bead may have been intended for usage as an ojime. But it still feels Chinese made to me. I have had Chinese beads with brown enamel. And, the materials and craftsmanship differs from typical Japanese ojime.

I feel that taking a closer look is worthwhile. And you are doing this. You seem to be getting somewhere. And I encourage you to continue.

The closer I look at this bead the more I'm convinced it is Chinese. I am too busy to go into detail at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow I will get back to this.

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