Paiwan tribal beads and necklaces
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06/30/2017, 09:07:38

I bought a necklace online, so I spent some hours researching Paiwan beads. The Paiwan
tribe live on the island of Formosa in Taiwan. I remembered seeing the beads on BCN so I
bought the necklace despite a terribly blurry photo. I read about the old beads, but also
learned reproductions are currently being made since more beads are needed for
ceremonial purposes. Source of the original older beads is unknown with several
proposed theories of origin.

Links will be posted below.

We shall see if my necklace is new or old once it arrives.

PaiwanBeadsExhibitCase.jpg (236.8 KB)  PaiwanNecklaceGreen.jpg (251.9 KB)  

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