my purchase today in London...
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Posted by: stefany Post Reply
06/18/2017, 06:18:05

includes Venetian beads...
4 reddish transparent over white spheres,
11 spotted black with yellow bands at either end,
17 whole, 1 broken barrel-shaped with pale blue background laid over with black and random spirally wavy lines in red and yellow, a tiny bit of green, and yellow eyes,

+ a few plastic amber -assorted sizes/shapes, 42 assorted purple wood or plastic beads,
15 very small orange/red flattened "cremettes".

i paid 15.- that's just under $20.- = that's about 50p or approx $0.60 per bead

-looks like it came from a children's dressing up chest!

18jun.JPG (182.1 KB)  

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