My daily necklace for many years.
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06/16/2017, 14:32:55

I wore this necklace daily for many years. I've replaced and knotted the thread twice. The center bead has changed twice. I could not find a second pink pineapple so I bought a contemporary lampwork Japanese eye bead and placed a cranberry pony bead next to it to create balanced pink spots on the choker. I tried to balance dark and light and some of the brighter colors. My bead choices were very limited, and features many beads sold to me by Dot at the Folk Music Center in Claremont. She was often visited by African traders dealing in musical instruments, textiles, and beads. As you can see repairs are needed again, but this time just a clasp.

It was created many years before the internet came into my life and represents bead hunting on foot, 'in the wild' in my nearby region.

DailyWearNcklcMixedTB-jun2017.jpg (120.0 KB)  

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