my yellow jacket necklace
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06/16/2017, 13:29:57

Thank you Luanne, much appreciated.

I think the color is a bit off in the photos, oh well.

This is my yellow jacket necklace. I tried numerous combinations, but a simple design worked best. There is no fighting the stripes, they must dominate.

Recently I have enjoyed designing 'packed' trade bead necklaces. In the past my necklace designs contained other types of beads, mostly because I had few trade beads to work with and I wanted particular colors. My filler beads mainly came from thrift stores and could be from anywhere in the world. Later a bead store opened and provided some Venetian and Czech beads. Now the internet has changed everything. I can find trade beads every day. It's so much fun!

1_YellowJacketBCN.jpg (102.2 KB)  

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