The answer I got from Sigrid about the reprint of Desert Silver (and now 72 pages more!)
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06/15/2017, 01:59:59

Especially for Martine: Today the answer I got from Sigrid:

Hallo Nel,

Wat leuk van je te horen! Inderdaad is de nieuwe versie net uit, en die is veel mooier geworden dan de eerste versie. Ik beschrijf hieronder vast even de grootste verschillen (in het Engels, dat is misschien makkelijker voor het forum)

The new edition contains more information. I have expanded the chapters on both history and magic. For the history chapter, I have added more maps and background information on how jewelry came to look as it does today. The chapter on jewelry and magic has been expanded with much more examples of symbolism in jewelry. Throughout the book, I have provided endnotes with each chapter that contain references to books and other sources, or little pieces of information that would be too much for the main text but still are interesting. In between the chapters I have added five separate texts about features that do not really fit in with the chapters, but that I wanted to share anyway. The last two chapters, on materials and techniques and the future of jewelry, are not included in the new version.

Personally, I am very enthousiastic about the design of this edition: it is larger, with larger photographs. The book now has 168 pages instead of 96 and is more bright and colourful.

Ik heb ook van andere verzamelaars die het hebben besteld al mooie complimenten gekregen: die ben ik nog op mijn website aan het zetten zodat mensen kunnen zien wat anderen ervan vonden. Dat komt straks hier te staan: bedouinsilver

Ik stuur je een plaatje mee van de boekpresentatie, dan kun je zien wat ik bedoel met dat het formaat groter is (je weet hoe groot ik ongeveer ben en ik hou het boek vast :) )

Veel groeten!


For now: I'm also going to order this new copy because it is quite different when I compare it with the first edition!



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