Request for help from German-speaking colleagues
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
06/08/2017, 06:32:04

Thanks for making these issues available -a valuable resource!

I am looking through the issues for information about beads for the African or Middle Eastern trade, especially any amber or imitation amber beads. It is very slow going due to my limited capability in German.

So, if anyone else is looking through the texts finds any mentions of beads for Africa or the Middle East, I would be very grateful to hear what you have found.

So far, I have found one paragraph on export to Syria that talks about beads for costume jewelry for Christian women. I have the impression that Die Perle is focused on the jewelry trade and may not cover beads made for use by indigenous peoples, but I have barely scratched the surface so far.

There are also numerous mentions of the various man-made materials - phenolic resins, Galalith, Celluloid - for costume jewelry and beads. A nice confirmation of the fact that by the mid- 1920s, such beads were well-established.

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