Patina Alone?
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04/17/2017, 13:32:09

Patinas can be faked—though they are usually not entirely successful—and few people are really capable of judging patina. Not everything from antiquity (particularly concerning glass technology) has been successfully reproduced. We know how folded beads were made—but no one is cranking-out new folded beads. (Not yet.) But, no matter. Even well-made reproductions often have details that are inauthentic. The makers add details that were not seen in originals (perhaps in an effort to make something "rare" for the "fake antiquities market"). Perhaps because they have not seen enough originals to be aware of details that would be unlikely, or impossible. And then there is the "art sense" or originals, that can be challenging for fakers to reproduce. They can get close..., but not the same. JDA.

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