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04/15/2017, 08:49:51

Look at the incredible creativity of (especially) American and Japanese beadmakersand you can't say any longer that "glass bead artist don't create their own new designs".

That artists in developing countries try to make a living (with wonderful beads of the kind you show) is nothing bad.

Not to forget that Millefiori types (for example) are made in simelar designs since 2000 years. Same for Chevrons!

Look at beadmakers in Venice - do you see much development in their designs?

Beadmaking is a very traditional craft, leading to very traditional, repetitive designs.

Should Indonesian beadmakers create new models only to avoid confusion among Western collector novices?

Finally - it is "the market" that creates demand. The beadmaker just follows in an effort to feed his family!

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