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In my case, the tour was a very small group and we had permissions to see things that the large tours never see. For example, we spent several hours inside the Great Pyramid, by ourselves, after the entire Giza Plateau was closed. We spent several hours inside the enclosure of the Sphinx, while everyone else could only view it from the platforms above the enclosure. We were able to view the inside of several tombs in Amarna that had stunning paintings of Ahkenaten and Nefertiti.
We also visited a working farm near Saqqara and had dinner at a family home in Luxor. At one stop I was able to hold a lion cub in my lap! Yes he was quite tame (for the time being anyway).

So all this costs money - and I'm sure there are things we could never do unless on our own, but it's difficult to know what an individual is looking for in their travel experiences.

Anyone who wishes to go to Egypt - I highly recommend the tour group that I went with twice: All One World Egypt Tours. However, due to the changes over there, it seems they are no longer running the same itineraries as before, which is very sad. Many of the special things I saw appear to be unavailable at present, but you could contact them for advice.

In this picture, I believe Anubis and Horus are asking Ramesses where he got the excellent beads he is wearing.

RamsesITomb.jpg (83.9 KB)  

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