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04/11/2017, 18:41:20

Could be the same workshop, Jan!

Size, shape, monochrome glass are simelar.

The difference is the "hole" and that mine has two different sides (assuming your beads has two same sides). Not only the weird "design" around the aperture on one side puzzles me - as if this had a specific function - the second side (right photo) is completely different from the opposite side. It also seems as if a mold had been used in the case of the piece I show.

Mine is not only rather perfectly round, also the concave shape of the posterior side seems to be unusual and differs from yours (I assume) and most other such beads. There must be a certain function behind both issues:

- concave shape of one side and the
- circulating, often triangular shaped indentations around the "hole".

What do you say...?

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